Laboratory & Urine Drug Screening Services

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Local, reliable testing for your business.

Community Health Center has been servicing the Greater Akron and surrounding areas for over 40 years. During this time many companies have relied heavily on the laboratory & Urine Drug Screening (UDS) Services.  This service provides companies the advantage of local, quick and accurate testing, all completed locally at CHC.

Whether the business is zero tolerance, or simply has a need for pre-employment screenings, CHC is able to accommodate your needs through our Employee Assistance Services.*

Services Include:

  • P5- 5 Panel UDS (Testing of 5 substances)
  • P4- 8 Panel UDS (Testing of 8 substances)
  • P12- 10 Panel UDS (Testing of 10 substances)


  • CHC is accredited by the Joint Commission
  • CHC is accredited by CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment)
  • Facility or on-site collection services available
  • 24-hour negative results notification
  • 24-48 hour positive results notification
  • Confirmation of positive results performed by 3rd party laboratory service (Quest)
  • Certified Lab/Collection Specialists
  • Collection Specialists trained in accordance to 49 CFR Part 40 of the DOT Federal Regulations
  • Record keeping
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Keep employees, company, and community safer
  • Early detection of substance abuse and allow for treatment options