Employee Management System

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Saving our clients time and money.

When screening your employees for drugs, alcohol and other substances, it should always be done in accordance to strong company policy to support reasons for                 screening.  There is also a liability and subjective factor to consider.  When looking at “Random” selection for employee drug/alcohol screens, Community Health Center encourages organizations to remove that sense of liability and potential bias from the selection process.

Community Health Center offers an Employee Management System to our clients.  This system allows us to store limited information on employees to pull random employees for Urine Drug Screening (UDS) & alcohol monitoring (based on the company’s screening needs).  Community Health Center provides this service to help with compliance with BWC Drug-Free Workplace program, Dept. of Transportation Federal Guidelines and general company requests.

Benefits to Employee Management System:

  • Eliminate potential selection discrimination
  • Eliminate potential selection bias
  • Eliminate additional potential liabilities
  • System generated reports for audit purposes
  • Additional Company support to help with compliancy
  • No additional costs