BWC Drug-free Workplace

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Helping local employers keep their employees safe.

For over 40 years, Community Health Center has been a pillar in the community and leading the charge in comprehensive substance abuse treatment, substance abuse detection and education.  For this reason we help organizations who partake in the BWC Drug-Free Workplace programs and provide services that support the BWC program  requirements.

Community Health Center recognizes the importance of offering services to employers and employees which will allow a safe work place, healthier life style and safer community.

BWC Services provided:

  • Sap 5- 5 Panel UDS- Minimum requirement for BWC program
  • Sap 9- 9 Panel UDS- Accepted for BWC program
  • Drug-Free Workplace Training for employees and supervisors- Required for BWC program
  • BWC Employee Management System- BWC strongly encourages 3rd party random selections
  • DFWP Policy Assistance

BWC DFWP Program advantages:

  • BWC offers premium discounts to those companies participating in true DFWP programs
  • Some insurance companies offer discounts to companies participating in true DFWP programs
  • CHC utilizes 3rd party testing center per BWC requirements
  • CHC is a certified collection site for other testing companies supporting BWC DFWP programs
  • Allows for early detection of abuse, and allows employers to offer proper guidance and help
  • Keeps all workers, customers and community safer