Adolescent Treatment

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Did you know the most commonly abused substances among adolescents are over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, marijuana and alcohol?  This list of items are some of the most easily accessible items in our society today, and young people get them from school and home alike.


Our Adolescent Treatment Program is designed to address the developmental needs of teenage patients, keeping in mind the different trends in substance abuse among this age group. Research shows the younger an adolescent begins abusing substances, the more likely they are to become dependent on one or more illicit substance over a lifetime. The focus of our adolescent treatment program uses a motivational approach to engage the youth in long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol while also addressing other mental health problems that may exist.


Now available in our Adolescent Program- the first Daytime Detox Program in the area.  Detox is intended for children who are suffering the effects of withdrawal from opiate addiction. Patients are monitored by a nurse and given medication to help ease the physical pain associated with withdrawal.  Once stabilized, patients are engaged in treatment services on site.  After 3-5 days the patient then moves into Intense Outpatient Treatment.  Medically supervised detox is a best practice for opiate treatment and fills a critical gab in treatment for young people.  Appointments and an intake are required for admission into Detox.  Please call our Adolescent Dept. at 330-730-1888 for more information.

Adolescents are seen in our general medical center to reduce the stigma associated with “drug treatment” and offers evening hours suitable for students. If you are worried a child in your family may be abusing drugs, call 330-730-1888 for more information.

Click here to download our most recent brochure including a list of signs of symptoms of drug abuse in adolescents.