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We recognize that there is no single treatment modality that is appropriate for all patients. Our assessment process helps us design treatment plans that address issues of concern while affirming patients’ strengths.


The goal of the Diagnostic/Admissions Department is to identify patients with chemical abuse/dependency and mental illness issues that may be exhibited through criminal involvement, behavioral maladjustment, family turmoil, educational dysfunction, vocational or financial instability or emotional, mental, or physical impairment.

The Diagnostic/Admissions Department assists concerned counselors, social workers, case managers, criminal justice professionals, employers, educators, attorneys and healthcare professionals who suspect that an individual has a substance abuse problem.

We provide comprehensive chemical dependency assessments for adults and adolescents through the use of a wide variety of substance abuse screening inventories and urinalysis. Each patient is thoroughly evaluated and a formal report, including individualized treatment alternatives and opportunities, is generated. The patient is supported in the treatment decision through facilitation of treatment recommendations and referrals to appropriate treatment programming.


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