About CHC Foundation

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The Community Health Center Foundation was established in 1985 to support the activities and goals of the Community Health Center (CHC). Since then, the Community Health Center Foundation has not only supported CHC, but partnered with them to obtain many grants and provide programming in Summit County and surrounding areas. 

Over the past 20 years, the Community Health Center Foundation has raised over $1.2 million in our public fundraisers and community development. These fundraisers have not only supplemented many CHC programs, but brought attention to many issues facing Summit County residents regarding substance abuse, addiction, recovery and housing.

Today, the CHC Foundation has moved into business partnerships with the CHC including land ownership, property rentals and housing development and construction. This partnership has seen the formation of the Ohio Multi-County Development Corporation (OMCDC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the CHC Foundation that concentrates on providing housing for specific populations in a nine county radius.

Throughout the years, the Community Health Center Foundation has grown with CHC by providing support and funding to help supplement new and innovative grants, housing and other programming for the people of Summit County and surrounding areas.